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Freelancer services


We offer our services too many production houses from board cast to feature films. We can offer different camera packages that will suit different project requirements.

Crew Hire

One Universe is a one man band deal but can offer multiple crew depending on the project. Stuart Shepherd is the owner operator of One Universe Studios with more than 13 years of experience in board cast, film, photography and post production. He is a director, producer, director of photography and photographer by trade. When you hire us you get the gear that we shoot with unless you need a different camera package. 


We can supply our editing services for all types of projects. We used Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Studio or an 8 core MacBook pro and benq colour calibrated monitors. We used a raid system for reliability and speed when editing.

editing services

As apart of modern production, most require drones that can capture 4k log footage. We used DJI drones to capture your project with the capacity to capture photos s apart of the production in high res. We have the REPL permit and insurance to cover us while we fly.


Show reel

We know many production houses use different camera packages. We can offer Black magic, Sony, Panasonic and Canon. If non of those camera packages suit your needs we have access to many hire house that will have what you require and we will hire and return to camera gear no worries. We haven't forgotten about lighting, sound, grip and studios which we own and have access too. If you need to know more please feel free to contact us below.

Camera packages

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