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Post Production Services


What We Do

We use the latest computers and editing software to create the mood and feel for any project. We can supply everything from scores (music tracks),

voice overs to special effect.  With access to our network of creatives specialists we got you covered no matter what you require. 



We provide high quality editing services using the latest apple computers and software. We love working with our clients to make sure we get the videos right. We can match similar editing styles or projects that you show us.

We can provide on screen visual effects to our customers. Anything from text, graphics, animation and colour grading services.

Visual Effects

Audio sometimes is over looked in video production. One Universe takes audio at a high priority when editing your videos. We use copyright free music libraries and pro voice over artists to make sure you get the best quality video from us.

Audio + Music

Show reel

Sometimes over looked by clients, but long term storage of video files and editing files is a big deal. Some production house choose to delete your project files after 3 months which is bad news. We store all our projects for our clients on double back up systems. When you call us we will have the files. 

(Note: We take all the care to keep files but even tech can fail. so if it's critical to have the files saved best take a copy as a 3rd back up.)

Long Term Storage

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