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We're excited to have the opportunity to work with you and hear all about your project. At our core, we're passionate about storytelling and bringing your message to life. Our team is dedicated to crafting an amazing film or video production that not only enriches your brand but also resonates with your target audience. We look forward to collaborating with you to create an unforgettable visual experience.


At One Universe Studios, we believe that every production is unique and deserves a tailored approach. Our team works with you to understand your specific needs and avoid offering services that you may not require. To help us create the perfect video for you, here are a few questions to consider before sending in your request.

  1. How many hours or days  do you need us to be there for? 

  2. Do you require editing and how many/long videos did you need?

  3. Do you need a voice over artist?

  4. Did you need a drone in your video/photos?

  5. Do you need photos and video in your project?

  6. Did you need actors (talent) for your project?

If you require a questionnaire, please click on our Campaign Brief page below. This page outlines the questions we need from you to provide an accurate quote.

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