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Great that you decided to work with us and looking forward to chat with you about your project. We love to hear the story or content you wish to convey to your target audience. Storytelling is our specialty and we are ready to create an amazing film or video production for you that will enrich your brand and deliver your desired outcome.


Each production is different and requires a different approach to what is required. At One Universe Studios we want to work with you to understand what you need, and make sure you're not asking for services that might not be required. Here is some questions to think about before sending off you request too us.

  1. How many hours or days  do you need us to be there for? 

  2. Do you require editing and how many/long videos did you need?

  3. Do you need a voice over artist?

  4. Did you need a drone in your video/photos?

  5. Do you need photos and video in your project?

  6. Did you need actors (talent) for your project?

If you do need a questionnaire please click below to our Campaign Brief page. This page will give you questions we need before we can quote.

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In order to assist you, please fill in the below information:

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