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Video Production


We are passionate about delivering cinematic quality video and social media videos to our clients. From Corporate videos showcasing your business to explainer videos of your new product we can do it all. 

Below you will find different types of business video from, Small to Large business, construction, products, fashion and even art films.

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Small Business Videos

We are passionate about delivering quality 

video and social media videos to our clients. 

From Corporate videos showcasing your business to explainer videos of your new product we can do it all.

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Large Business videos

As a video producer we love working with our clients to make sure we create content that fits with in the brand. For large scale business this is a must, usually we work with the marketing team to make sure what we create fits the brand 100%

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Event videos

Event videos can be as simple as a 1 hour shoot all the way to multiple days large scale event. We usually edit on location to make sure you get the event video to your social media feeds fast.

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Product Videos

Product videos are the ultimate way of showing your clients and customers the features and functions of your products. We work with you to make sure the product is shown in the best light. 

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Fashion Videos

We love working with fashion brand, from start up brands to established fashion labels. 

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Construction Videos

We have been on many small and large scale projects either in fabrication warehouse, store room or construction site. We always work with the site management to make sure we are safe and as creative as possible.

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Property Development video

From homes for sale to large scale property development with actors. We have many years of experience filming property and development projects ready for advertising. 


Automotive Videos

From chasing cars with drones to filming boats at high speed on a raceway we have done it all. Cars is all about motion and we have the tools to show cars, bikes, boats and everything that moves in a cinematic way.


Art Film

Art film is a dedicated page to us crafting 

interesting arty films as an experiment.

Art films can be used for interesting banding on content creation.

Live Concert

Multi Cam Stage & 
Live Stream Services

The world is changing and we always like to be at the front of the change. We offer multi camera setups with graphics, video/audio playback, mic and music and even live green screen. We can work anywhere there is a network connection. Contact us anytime to discuss your live stream needs.